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When great minds come together working in a field they love great achievements are made. Let us introduce ourselves...

Andrea Soddu CEO

Professor in Physics & Astronomy at Western University, London ON, Canada and he is a Core Member of Western’s Brain and Mind Institute.

Given his atypical ‘multidisciplinary’ career, Andrea’s early papers are in the field of particle physics and, since his post-doctoral stay at the Weizmann Institute in the field of neuroscience. This interdisciplinarity has resulted in very successful projects and collaborations and in developing didactic and leadership qualities.

His main expertise is in the field of neuroimaging focusing on resting state fMRI to develop diagnostic tools for severe brain injured patients with disorders of consciousness. More recently his research is focusing on tinnitus, concussion and chronic pain.

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Demetrius Ribeiro De Paula

Three Master Degrees: two in Physics, respectively in Complex Systems and Medical Physics and one in Project Management.

Demetrius had worked for city halls in different cities/states and for the Federal Government in Brazil focusing on social programs and technological projects. Because of his experience in managing, he was recruited as a consultant for the UN and in 2010 he was the coordinator of social media analysis for the Presidential Election campaign in Brazil.

He also worked for the private sector at Axur, a company specialized on cyber security and anti-DDOS. He has developed an incredible experience in software development, big data analysis and data mining.

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